The ContrafabulistsKin Lane and Audrey Watters – monitor predictions that technologists and marketers make about the future of technology. No surprise, most of the predictions are made about AI, a development whose future folks have been predicting incorrectly since the 1950s. Here are the predictions made this week:

We’ve been predicting eclipses for over 2000 years,” says Popular Science. “Here’s how.”

“Investment Bank Report Predicts the Cost of Electric Vehicles Will Match Regular Cars by 2018,” says Futurism.

Barron’s predicts that Tesla could be profitable by 2018.

Smart city technology market set to reach $775 billion by 2021,” TechRepublic predicts.

Inc lists the “3 Hottest Technologies That Will Change Your Business By 2020.” (Spoiler alert: the Internet of Things, robotics, and artificial intelligence. No details – no surprise – about how these will “change your business.”)

Demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning experts will rise by 60% by 2018, according to Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group India. Demand for bullshit predictions will rise accordingly.

Audrey Watters


Predictions: The History of the Future

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