The ContrafabulistsKin Lane and Audrey Watters – monitor predictions that technologists and marketers make about the future of technology. No surprise, most of the predictions are made about AI, a development whose future folks have been predicting incorrectly since the 1950s. Here are the predictions made this week:

According to “market research” from Technavio, “the visual tech market in education will grow 33 percent through the forecast period 2017–2021. VR, AR, 3D printing and visual data analytics are the top four product segments — already accounting for more than 65 percent of the market as of last year.”

The Gartner Hype Cycle now predicts that AR and VR are climbing out of the “trough of enlightenment.”

In 2017, there will be approximately 41.5 million smartwatch units sold, compared to 34.8 million units last year,” Gartner predicts.

Via 9to5Mac: “Two factors will help Apple Pay grow thru 2022, predicts payment report.”

Via The Huffington Post: “Bitcoin ICO Executive Predicts a Cryptocurrency Correction Coming Soon.” “Coming soon” is always the best time frame for a prediction.

The headline from Business Insider: “Neuroscience predicts that Mayweather will beat McGregor in highly anticipated boxing match.” And well, if it’s neuroscience, it’s just gotta be true…

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