The ContrafabulistsKin Lane and Audrey Watters – monitor predictions that technologists and marketers make about the future of technology. No surprise, most of the predictions are made about AI, a development whose future folks have been predicting incorrectly since the 1950s.

Here are some of the predictions made this week:

IMF warns global economic growth will slow by 2020,” says The Financial Times.

The Financial Times also says that “Ford plans driverless network ‘at scale’ by 2021.”

According to CNBC, “Hyperloop is coming to Abu Dhabi by 2020.”

MarketsandMarkets predicts that “Sleep Apnea Devices Market Worth 6.49 Billion USD by 2023.” Another market research firm predicts, “Global Military Drone Market to Reach $13B by 2024.”

Audrey Watters


Predictions: The History of the Future

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